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What happens next

An initial consultation helps to decide if and what kind of psychotherapy will be helpful. The problem at hand, course of therapy and desired goals will be discussed.

Therapeutic sessions are usually held once a week. Appointments are agreed upon between therapist and client and are binding for both parties. Both initial consultations and therapy sessions last 50 minutes. The duration of treatment is determined by individual factors and can change as therapy progresses. Treamtent can last several weeks or several months.

The Austrian Psychotherapy Act legally binds psychotherapists to confidentiality.

Fee for an initial consultation

€ 85,- / 50 min.

For for a single
therapy session

€ 85,- / 50 min.

Cancellation less than 24 hours before the appointment or no cancellation at all

100% of the agreed fee

Cancellation at least 24 hours before the appointment

no cancellation fee

What does "in training under supervision" mean?

Psychotherapists in training under supervision are authorized by the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs and Health to work directly and independently with clients .

In order to ensure the highest possible quality of therapy, Psychotherapists in training under supervision are regularly supervised by an experienced therapist.

Unfortunately, Austrian Health Insurance Agencies do not reimburse costs for therapy with Psychotherapists in training under supervision. However, most private health insurance companies will reimburse you for psychotherapy sessions. You can find more information here.


Rettung 144 (24 Std.)
Telefonseelsorge 142 (24 Std.)
Psychosozialer Dienst Wien 01 31330 (24 Std.)
Rat auf Draht 147 (24 Std.)
Männernotruf 0800 246247 (24 Std.)
Frauenhelpline 0800 222555 (24 Std.)
Ö3 Kummernummer 01 116123 (14–24 Uhr)
Kriseninterventionszentrum Wien 01 4069595 (Mo–Fr, 10–17 Uhr)

Emergency services

Ambulance 144 (24 hrs.)
Telephone Counselling 142 (24 hrs.)
Psychosocial Service Vienna 01 31330 (24 hrs.)
Rat auf Draht 147 (24 hrs.)
Men’s Emergency Hotline 0800 246247 (24 hrs.)
Women’s Helpline 0800 222555 (24 hrs.)
Ö3 Kummernummer 01 116123 (14-24 h)
Crisis Intervention Center Vienna 01 4069595 (Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm)