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Richard Tinkler MA BA
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Psychotherapy in 1010 Vienna

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What is psychotherapy?

Whether you need help in a crisis, want to treat a mental illness, have new goals in mind, want to make a change, or want to get to know yourself better: Psychotherapy helps!

Psychotherapy is a scientifically based method of healing. It is on an equal footing with medical or clinical psychological treatment. Psychotherapy can help with mental and psychosomatic illness and suffering, often with higher success rates than classical medical methods. Psychotherapy can heal, sooth and improve your mental and general health. It can be used preventively or for self-development. Psychotherapy is a conscious exchange of thoughts, emotions and behaviour between your psychotherapist and you, in a safe, non-judgmental, empathic environment.

With the knowledge of mental disorders, the psychotherapist accompanies you in your development and your search for the right solutions and changes for you.

Who is psychotherapy for?

Psychotherapy is suitable for people of any age. Whether you can no longer cope with mental suffering and problems on your own, need help in a crisis, want to achieve new goals, strive for change, get to know yourself better or treat a diagnosed mental illness: Psychotherapy helps.

Feelings of emptiness, sadness, anxiety or stress are all easily treatable with the help of psychotherapy.

Furthermore, psychotherapy can be used to overcome recurring patterns, navigate through difficult life phases, work through traumatic experiences, deepen relationships, and lead a fulfilling life.

Psychotherapy helps with:

– Anxieties
– depression
– constraints
– psychosis
– Addictions
– eating disorders

– Bipolar diseases
– personal crises
– Partnership problems
– personality disorders
– psychosomatic illness
– High sensitivity and much more.

What happens next?

I provide a safe, non-judgmental, benevolent space for whatever you want to discuss in therapy – confidentiality is paramount.

We work together on the issues that you find distressing or that you want to change. We will sharpen your focus for the positives in your life and at the same time create more space for what is good for you. We will strive for concrete, positive change in the here and now. Psychotherapy also offers space for the past and future. Both can be explored at any time during therapy.

The golden rule of psychotherapy is to offer an individual treatment plan, tailored specifically to your needs and wishes. You will experience continuous transparency in the therapeutic process, actively participate and learn new ways that will accompany you on your life’s journey in the sense of helping people to help themselves.

Kintsugi – a new beginning

When a valuable ceramic bowl breaks, the fractures are repaired with gold dust – this is called Kintsugi. The fractures thus become a valuable part of the shell, and it becomes unique. They symbolize care, courage and strength. Psychotherapy not only helps you heal your injuries, but encourages you to be proud of having survived your injuries. Your journey makes you unique and valuable.

The practice

The modernly furnished practice is located in the heart of Vienna’s city center, between Am Hof and Judenplatz, and offers an oasis of peace and quiet with its own arcade.

The practice is only a few minutes’ walk from Stephansplatz, Herrengasse and Schottentor and can be easily reached by car or public transport. The Am Hof Garage is only 50 meters away.

The practice is wheelchair accessible.

What happens next

An initial consultation helps to decide if and what kind of psychotherapy will be helpful. The problem at hand, course of therapy and desired goals will be discussed.

Therapeutic sessions are usually held once a week. Appointments are agreed upon between therapist and client and are binding for both parties. Both initial consultations and therapy sessions last 50 minutes. The duration of psychotherapeutic treatment is determined by individual factors and can therefore generally not be stated in a binding manner.

Treamtent can last several weeks or several months.


Rettung 144 (24 Std.)
Telefonseelsorge 142 (24 Std.)
Psychosozialer Dienst Wien 01 31330 (24 Std.)
Rat auf Draht 147 (24 Std.)
Männernotruf 0800 246247 (24 Std.)
Frauenhelpline 0800 222555 (24 Std.)
Ö3 Kummernummer 01 116123 (14–24 Uhr)
Kriseninterventionszentrum Wien 01 4069595 (Mo–Fr, 10–17 Uhr)

Emergency services

Ambulance 144 (24 hrs.)
Telephone Counselling 142 (24 hrs.)
Psychosocial Service Vienna 01 31330 (24 hrs.)
Rat auf Draht 147 (24 hrs.)
Men’s Emergency Hotline 0800 246247 (24 hrs.)
Women’s Helpline 0800 222555 (24 hrs.)
Ö3 Kummernummer 01 116123 (14-24 h)
Crisis Intervention Center Vienna 01 4069595 (Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm)